The most badass copywriting book. Discover the copywriting secrets that reached 200 million views and created a multi-million-dollar pipeline from 5X author and Top Quora Writer of 2017 & 2018, Josh Fechter.

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Hey everyone, I have spent the last five years writing storytelling copy. Through my tactics and testing, I've reached over 200 million people last year. This helped take our agency from 0 - 26 employees in 8 months. This is a compilation of the best copywriting outlines - all of which still work today. + I'm giving out a secret, epic growth hacking guide to go along with it :) It's received excellent early feedback from many people we respect, and we hope you'll check it out.
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@joshuafechter looks awesome! I'm actually having trouble getting it to Messenger. Can you send it to me directly?
@joshuafechter Yes me too unfortunately I can't get the bot to work.

what a trashy way to get people to download the book; seriously, at least offer one other alternative other than facebook messenger (it didn't even load up in Firefox btw!)


good material


requires facebook messenger to download

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Complaining about free things. Rough life.
No way bro, he's giving it for free and you're complaining? I believe Josh wanted to push it to Amazon too, so a little bit of patience will be needed instead of complications with facebook messenger.
If you've been in the Growth Hacking community you could literally observe Josh's climb on the influence ladder in the industry. Everything he has done has been brutally tested hard work, value giving and standing on the shoulder of giants. This book is no doubt the same as his other works - full of actionable and tested experiments that will work no matter when you use them.
@dgajsek thanks brotha. You have very kind words

I've been following Josh and his Growth Hacking movement for over a year now. He's definitely making waves, breaking the internet and waking up the marketing community. Thanks Josh!


Josh is redefining value-driven, dead honest growth hacking. I'd recommend this to anyone trying to grow their business.



Thanks Lin :)
Hi - maybe it's my lack of familiarity with how things work on Product Hunt but I'm unclear on how to access this. All I see are two pages. Normally, there's a download button or something?
@johnchang i'll message you via fb
@johnchang @joshuafechter likewise. I got your BAMF bible and would love this as an addition
@johnchang there's supposed to be a facebook messenger button which is a trashy way of doing this because it doesn't even load up and there's no fallback.