The Contact Guru

Managing your contact list so you don't have to

The Contact Guru is a simple web app for helping you manage and organize you contact list. It is more expansive and flexible than simply using the contacts app on your phone or with Google. I am actively adding the new features daily, but let me know what you think! :)

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Hey all! Thanks for taking a sec to look at my latest project, The Contact Guru. I am new to the Product Hunt community, but am very excited to be here and share my current and future work with you all. This app grew out of the need I had for managing a contact list, where a contacts app was too simple, and Excel was not flexible enough. Ultimately I'm positioning this app for professionals and groups just starting to explore sales, who don't want a full sales CRM yet. Please let me know any feedback and suggestions you have! :)
I am a bit confused. Does this work with Google contacts? Or do we have to manually create each and every contact? I saw that contact import is an upcoming feature, meaning that it is not available yet. If this will eventually be able to work in tandem with Google contacts, meaning that it will allow me to edit and add new contacts from the contacts Guru interface and sync them with Google, then it could be fantastic.
@anna_0x Thanks for the feedback! No Google contacts yet. You are correct that it is manual entry right right now, with the contact (CardDAV) import soon. It is tedious right now, so it's a high priority to get this added! That's a fantastic idea to get a synchronization working between Guru and Google. I don't know how feasible that is right now (on my side), but I will try to build that functionality into it if possible.
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out once the all features are out
@ayush_chandra Thanks for the interest! :)
Have been struggling with my personal contact list for ages. One of the biggest blockers is syncing with LinkedIn. They turned off their APIs after Microsoft acquired - so frustrating! All I want to do is add notes next to my connections. This could be fantastic is you worked out how to sync with LinkedIn. And welcome to PH!
@mattallan Thank you for the welcome and talking about your first hand experience! Part of why I built this was to store/organize a very detailed description for each person, with many more personalized/private fields than what LinkedIn allows. I really like the idea of having each contact's information automatically sync and update when the person updates their LinkedIn profile. This is exciting because then the system becomes much 'smarter' and takes care of the tedious management for you. I am concerned about LinkedIn's ToS, but it's worthwhile to deeply look into this. If/when I can get this (and Google Contacts) integrated I'll reach out and maybe relaunch on PH. Thanks for the interest and support! :)
Thank you everyone for the amazing support, feedback and votes! I am blown away by the response I've received over the past few days. I've compiled a ranked list of the most important features to add, and am diligently working on them. I will update users once the features start going live, and may re-post the fully updated app once complete. Thanks again! :)