The Complete iOS 8 Course

Learn by Building 14 Different Apps in Swift

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#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 10, 2014
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Ankur NagpalHunter@ankurnagpal · Founder, Teachable
Like the 6,000 other pre-orders.. been waiting for this one for a while :) The complete iOS7 course was one of the most upvoted posts in Product Hunt history ( - and personally, I think this course is even better executed. Like the last one, this course has over 300 videos to walk you step by step through building 14 different iOS8 applications. Let's try and get @nicholjs and @EliotArntz to answer any questions you might have.
Eliot ArntzMaker@eliot_arntz
Thanks @AnkurNagpal - appreciate the kind words :) If anyone has questions please post them and we'll get to them as soon as possible.
Alex McGregor@thisismcgregor
@eliotarntz Congrats bud! I was a student of Eliots 4 years ago, and it has paid off!
John OmarMaker@johnomarkid ·
John from bitfountain (co-creator of The Complete iOS 8 Course with Swift). Glad to be on Product Hunt and happy to answer any questions! The first 70% of the course is live now, with the rest being added weekly over the next 4 weeks. Hope you all enjoy the special deal today. By the way, the iOS 7 Course is still free for Product Hunt users:
Alexander Kehaya@afkehaya · Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
@nicholjs wow. Thanks for this, I just signed up for both iOS 7 and iOS 8 courses. Thanks so much for the discount and free course.
Eliot ArntzMaker@eliot_arntz
@afkehaya I hope you enjoy the course!
Alexander Kehaya@afkehaya · Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
@eliotarntz Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes!
James Koole@deleted-21562
This is great. I've been struggling over the last couple of weeks with getting started building a little app for myself that may or may not be interesting to others. For an investment of less than $100 I'm pretty sure I'll be well on my way to making it reality.
Eliot ArntzMaker@eliot_arntz
@jameskoole it's interesting to me. Thanks for sharing. I really hope you enjoy the course.
James Koole@deleted-21562
@eliotarntz Thanks. So far, so good.
Eliot ArntzMaker@eliot_arntz
@jameskoole I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it!
Benjamin Hoffman@benhoffman_ · Software Engineer
how much coding knowledge does someone need to start this course? can they start from scratch or does it help to have a solid base? Beyond just the Swift additions, how is this course different than the iOS7 course?
John OmarMaker@johnomarkid ·
@benhoffman_ the course caters to absolute beginners. Of course past programming experience will get you a leg up, but we made the course assuming no prior knowledge. Beyond Swift (a huge difference), we teach the new SDK, different apps, different and updated frameworks, and more.
Nate Winn@natewinn · Product Manager
Just bought it! Can't wait to dig in.
Eliot ArntzMaker@eliot_arntz
@natewinn Thanks for joining the course!