The Colorbook

A timeline of the trendiest color palettes from Dribbble.

The Colorbook is a platform that creates & curates color palettes from daily Dribbble shots, as well as hourly updates on the trending color palettes of Dribbbles' front page.

You can also travel back in time to see popular color palettes from a specific day!

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7 Reviews5.0/5
I was finding it hard and time consuming to explore all the awesome color palettes designers are using on Dribbble, therefore hopefully here with my first launch on Product Hunt I can provide a solution. On the homepage of The Colorbook you can find the latest trends of color palettes user of Dribbble are using, updated every hour. Using the timeline, you can travel back in time day by day to see the most popular color palettes from shots posted on that day. Interested in going to a specific day? Just use the search bar to jump to it! Answers to some common questions: - What defines a color palette as "popular"? Color palettes are created from the most popular shots from Dribbbles' homepage. - Do I need to travel back day by day? Nope! You can use the search bar to jump to a specific date. - How are the palettes populated? Shots from Dribbble are anaylzed on the spot and stored on the spot, this way The Colorbook has an infinite timeline (up until Dribbble was founded of course!). The palette is populated from the top 5 most prominent colors from the shot. Hope you guys enjoy exploring the colorful timeline as much as I do and maybe it'll inspire you for your upcoming projects' brand.
This is cool -- I'd love to just see a histogram view over time to observe any high level trends across a date range.
@tarungangwani agreed, I'll need to work on an overall view for the next update. Thank you for your suggestion!

A great little tool that I would definitely recommend. Added to my bookmarks!


Clean interface and super quick!



Great idea, love it! May I ask what you used to analyze the colors and print them on the site?
Nevermind! Again great product! :D
@aaronoleary Glad you love it, appreciate the feedback! Currently I'm using an open-source package ( ); although, I am working on a custom implementation to get more accurate colors from images.
@aotik Love the design of it, it's gorgeous! Oh, that's interesting! I'm excited to see what you do with your own make of it!
@aaronoleary Thanks again! Will post an update as soon as I roll out the new features!
Nice looking design!
@willam_woodhead Thank you William, glad you enjoy it!