The College Essay Prompts Chrome Extension allows anyone to look up essay prompts and supplements for 200+ schools in the US, for free. Because looking up multiple websites is annoying.

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Hiya PH. A while ago, we were building an Essay Prompts feature for the Cialfo platform when we realised there was really no good way to find these. You had two options: 1) Manually look up the essay prompts on each college's website. If they don't state the date, you cross your fingers and hope it's updated. 2) Pay for a third-party database to provide you with the prompts. Neither of these sounded very appealing to us. So naturally, we built our own tool to collect this data. Now we'd like to share it with everyone! Right now it's still in beta. On the to-do list are performance improvements and more information like deadlines and important dates. We'd love to hear your suggestions and thoughts!

Keep it up!


It has all the essays I need in one place!!


Would like to see college info as well.