The College Collaboration Guide

College-focused productivity/technology guide

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FYI- the product is on Pay What You Want Pricing today for the launch to be able to get the information out there. If people do not get it today, they can use the code HUNTER for a significant discount. Need to support the PH community:)
Robert used his recent experience going back to school to write this collaboration guide, which outlines the way to utilize free tools to their greatest collegiate advantage. How to collaborate with Trello, Drive, Slack, Evernote, and more--without the trial and error of figuring it out for yourself.
@kikischirr Thank you very much for hunting this guide. One thing I realized going back to school was that many students were not aware of the tools available. I introduced them in a group project last month and it helped others. Even though focus is college, there is certainly stuff of benefit for anyone else who may not be familiar with using these tools for collaboration. I will be expanding and updating, plus I do plan to create a version that is more business oriented.
Awesome stuff @robertwilliger. Will share this on Oplerno too.
As the parent of a child heading off to college, I'm interested in this (as is my son). The way it is currently structured appears as though I can't view the guide, or even parts if it to properly assess the value to me, unless I pay first. Do I understand that correctly?
@fbara The guide is currently set at $0 so you can download it without paying anything. You just would need to enter your email for delivery at put $0 in the price box. If there are any questions or issues with it let me know, I would be happy to e-mail you a copy at no charge, just if you find value if you could please pass the word on. robert.williger at gmail if you want to email me.
Thanks @robertwilliger. I will take a look. I don't mind paying for things that are helpful, I just didn't want to set the payment at $0 and then try to get the guide; that felt dishonest to me.