The Climate Fixathon

An online hackathon for makers to help fix the climate πŸ› πŸŒŽ

The Climate Fixathon is a 4-week online hackathon for individuals or teams to use their tech skills to launch a website, app or service intended to help restore a safe climate for our planet. It runs from 2nd-30th August with a prize value of $10k+.
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πŸ‘‹Hey Product Hunt, I’m Steven, I created The Climate Fixathon with @jpaulet and @ftxrc. In April J.P. and I, set up Impact Makers to bring together members of the tech community who want to help fix the climate. We quickly realised that while the desire to do something is there in abundance, it’s still difficult for most to get to the point where they take action to help prevent climate breakdown. The Climate Fixathon exists to motivate the tech community to act and fight climate change. It’s a 4-week online hackathon for individuals or teams to use their tech skills to build and launch projects intended to help with the climate emergency. It gets underway on 2nd August, ending on 30th August, and it’s open to everyone worldwide. Did I mention there are prizes? Any website, app or service that aims to help restore a safe climate for our planet is eligible to win one of our Fixathon awards and associated prizes. THE FIXATHON AWARDS πŸ‘οΈ Awareness - Most likely to raise awareness of climate breakdown. πŸ‘Š Action - Most likely to help people take action against climate breakdown. πŸ› οΈ Facilitation - Most likely to make climate breakdown related tech projects easier to create in the future. WHAT YOU CAN WIN πŸ’° Our 3 winning team will each receive $1,500 cash to spend. βž• Free licenses βž• Free Sketch licenses βž• Free Kirby licenses βž• Free Drawkit illustrations βž• 100 trees planted by Offset Earth πŸ’°Our 3 runner ups will each get $300 cash to spend. βž• 25 trees planted by Offset Earth It’s also the first hackathon to be hosted on the new Makerlog Events platform The Fixathon is a non-profit event. We'd like to thank all our sponsors for making the prize fund possible. We can’t wait to see what all you amazing people from around the world make to help fix the climate. πŸ› πŸŒŽ If anyone has a question about the Fixathon let us know!
We'd also like to thank our judges who are giving up their time to decide the winners πŸ™Œ @anthilemoon, @mijustin, @venikunche, @fajarsiddiq, @cennydd, @charliprangley, @shutdownscanner, @paraschopra, Michelle Thorne, Simon Collison, Catherine Friend, Chris Adams and Charlie Gerard.
Thank you @shylands for the shout out!! <3
Very excited about this! Thanks so much for putting such a useful event together, and love that it's online to get as many makers involved as possible πŸ™Œ
This is going to be an awesome event, and a much needed effort to direct the minds and energies of technologists and engineers to help combat the climate crisis πŸ™‚
@a01100010c Thank you! If we can all spare some time to work on problems in this space then we stand a chance to make a real meaningful difference to the direction of the planet. I can't think of anything more valuable and rewarding to work on than that 😁
@a01100010c Thanks! We believe that the makers community it's awesome and for sure people will create amazing projects to help fight the climate emergency. Let's see if it's yours πŸ˜‰
So happy to be part of Fix The Climate launch!
@fajarsiddiq We're delighted to have you Fajar πŸ––
@fajarsiddiq We are excited as well! Thanks Fajar for your support πŸŽ‰
Such a great idea! I cant wait to put something together for the fixathon!
@remotealex Thanks Alex. We're looking forward to seeing what you make!
@remotealex Thanks Alex! For sure you will create something amazing (based on your previous projects!). It's an honor to have you onboard :)
Such an amazing idea - also a great way to connect with people focused on climate change.
@martin_collignon1 Cheers Martin, yeah we've already seen since we launched the site last week that lots of people are trying to form teams on Twitter. Great to see the Fixathon bringing like-minded people together.
@martin_collignon1 Thanks Martin! We believe that there are lot of tech people that would love to be able to work in climate change related projects, and this project try to solve this gap & facilitate this by connecting and enabling more makers work on this important issue.