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Hey, guys! We've just launched our newest product on Kickstarter! It's a Smart Garden that offers the optimal growing environment for plants helping them grow 30% faster, using 95% less water and containing even up to 600% more antioxidants. The garden comes in 3 colours and allows growing 9 herbs, salads, fruits, vegetables, flowers or trees simultaneously. A little bit about our technology: Instead of using complex growing systems, pumps and rock wool as the growing material, we're using our own technology (smart soil) that allows controlling the most important parameters affecting plant growth. Our technology helps to save water while increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental impacts of most plant production practices used today. After receiving such support from the Product Hunt community with the launch of the Wall Farm, I'd absolutely love to get your thoughts and feedback on this project!
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We're fully funded!
Techcrunch showing us some love: https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/1...
Hey guys - love this product. What happens after the growth cycle - do you guys recommend re-planting and then beginning with new capsules?
Hi, @teshia_treuhaft! Thanks for the question, yes, we recommend re-planting the capsules or throwing them away. They are biodegradable so you're not creating any waste and you can also easily plant the in regular soil!
Saw the smart garden last month, loved the concept, I bought 2. I think is also a great original present to give for Xmas! Are you planning to make the refills cheaper? Good price for the garden but too much for the refills...
@rikyvittoria Hi, Riccardo! Thanks for the support and your question. Yes, the plan is to make the refills cheaper. We'll also be offering subscriptions to make the garden as user friendly and effortless as possible. We'll be announcing some exciting changes to the refill systemin the beginning of the new year, which will definitely make the users of our gardens happy!