The Chork

A chopstick and fork in one!

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Nice product idea :) Loving the design, simple and functional.. Btw, I found "Chrake" - Chopsticks + Drake :P LOL Enjoy ;)
Of course. "The Chork".
@rrhoover you'll poke your eye out!
Waiting for the Sporkstick variant with a Spork as the head.
Brilliant idea!
Looks like a great idea, but you can't use the other side of device without cleaning the first one. So what's the point?))
@shepovalovdenis I definitely see points on both sides.
@akgspan than you need to have a napkin in your other hand to clean one side of the chork when you want to turn it over >_<
@shepovalovdenis yeah i second this. the primay use case, switching back and forth, seems dampened by the need for lots of wiping. or is the use case just to save space in the silverware drawer? maybe im off?