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Matt SchlichtMaker@mattprd · CEO of Octane AI
Hey everyone! We are super excited to launch the official Chatbots Magazine Botcast :) Months ago we created a bots group on Facebook and a publication on Medium (Chatbots Magazine), since then these have exploded and a massive community has grown around them. It has been incredible. Now the group has 9,000+ members and Chatbots Magazine has over 200 community writers and over 100,000 views a month. We are doing everything we can to bring the chatbots community together and encourage everyone to share their knowledge, build cool bots, and inspire others around you. The Botcast was an obvious next step and we couldn't be more excited. None of this would have happened without the insane support of the bots community <3 Chatbots Magazine - Bots Group (9,000+ members!) -
Matt Burns@mburns87
Definitely my favorite new podcast!
Matt SchlichtMaker@mattprd · CEO of Octane AI
@mburns87 woooooo! <3
Roman Spiridonov@r_spiridonov · Former Head of Product Development
Congrats! And thank you @mattprd for doing such great things for the community.
Matt SchlichtMaker@mattprd · CEO of Octane AI
@r_spiridonov Thanks for listening! <3
Carlos Herrera@carlosherrera · Software Engineer, Epicor Software
Great botcast. Very interesting answers to very good questions, specially the one about how we know a bot has been successful. Keep on the good work, guys.
Matt SchlichtMaker@mattprd · CEO of Octane AI
@carlosherrera keep an eye out in the bots group so you can submit a question for the next episode :)
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
Botcast :) so good