The Buttermilk Company brings authentic + simple Indian recipes to an American audience. We curate recipes from the local community + create meal “packets” filled with real, fresh ingredients for the recipe. All you have to do is add water to make a fresh meal! Our products are all vegan, non-GMO and free of preservatives.

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Looking forward to this company continuing to grow and becoming more well-known across the country - I hope they can manage to scale so that their ingredients stay extremely high quality and are a go-to choice for an authentic, homemade-tasting meal.


- Affordable

- Makes it easy for anyone/everyone to experience authentic Indian flavors in your home


- More people don't know about it

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Would love to try this although I'd want to read the nutritional facts first. I didn't see this is available yet in your FAQ, @mitraraman.
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@rrhoover great point! We've actually added nutritional information on each product page (next to the ingredients list). I've just updated the FAQ page :)
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Each packet is a bit on the small side, so you might need more than one if you plan on having it for dinner. Overall an amazing product - super delicious and easy to make!


delicious, affordable, fast delivery, really easy to make


a little small

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Loved the Packaging ❤️ Shared the product with all the friends residing in the US. Kudos to team and Good Luck ⚡️
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@undermyhood thank you! <3
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The name Buttermilk kind of contradicts the idea that all the meals are Vegan or South Asian!
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@eunicekokor that's a good point about the vegan contradiction, a few other people haven pointed that out to us, too! The name 'Buttermilk' has a cultural significance -- at the end of every South Indian meal, we usually eat buttermilk and rice to cool down the stomach. It's a common comfort food for lots of Indians (including me!) and we're hoping that our products provide the same home-cooked, comfort food to our customers :)
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