The Bulletproof methodology draws from popular productivity systems and leading Notion experts to create a powerful framework for any workspace. Version 2 incorporates the latest product features and novel strategies from vanguards of the Notion community.
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Many thanks for the hunt, @chrismessina. Hunters and Notioners, As Notion evolves, so do strategies for developing effective workspaces. Since debuting the Bulletproof methodology, we’ve continued to learn from other Notion experts, our client work, and our own experimentation. Version 2 integrates those insights, along with the latest Notion features, to offer an even more powerful foundation for any workspace. The original Bulletproof resources informed thousands of workspaces, and we want this update to help even more users harness the power of Notion. Follow the video and post on Notion VIP to construct your Bulletproof 2.0 workspace, or use the discount code producthunt75 for 75% off the template through 5p ET tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what you build with it. — William
💡 This is awesome — one of the first products of this kind that I've seen building a product for sale on top of Notion. Super cool! Even better — 75% off through July 28 5pm EST when you use code 'PRODUCTHUNT75'!
@william_nutt‘s work on Notion is next level. I frequent Notion VIP, which, along with the Bulletproof workspace, is how I got my start using Notion. Could not recommend more highly.
Incredible value in this product. My team has been using Notion for months but I knew we were only getting like 10% of the potential out of it. We needed framework we could use that would put rocket fuel in our productivity and project management. I bought the Bulletproof workspace 2.0 and am blown away by its simplicity, design and structure. Probably the best thing I'll buy this year for my team under $1000.
I'm coming to you for a testimonial. Thank you, @jay_hamilton1.
Love it! I bought it mostly as a way to fast track learning Notion at a deep level. The actual template is fantastic as are the videos and write ups.
Thanks @lesliescamacho. More to come.