The Bro App

The social app just for men for friends, dates, and more!

‘Bro‘ is a social/dating app just for men. It’s for guys interested in moving past the stereotypical hookup culture to find something more meaningful.

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Sorry but I couldn't resist:
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@alessandro_schiassi We trademarked first! LOL.
@alessandro_schiassi Haha, I forgot about this episode!
@alessandro_schiassi I came here because of this 😄
Hey guys! We've just released BRO 2.0 for iOS and Android, so I thought that this would be a great chance to post on Product Hunt. If you haven't heard of The Bro App (BRO), it's a social app catered to men that are interested in finding other men for friendship, 'bromance', or even dating. With over 300,000 users, it's quickly gaining popularity and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Out Magazine, Queerty, The Huffington Post, Mic, Attn, and many more news/media outlets. Feel free to ask me anything and make sure to upvote! :)
PS. We're giving away 2 months of BRO PREMIUM for FREE to anyone that joins via Product Hunt! Just send an e-mail to once you've signed up!
Finally, a Masc4Masc dating service—40% of gay America finally has an option other than Grindr!
@glvninpdx We're VERY inclusive and actually strive to redefine heteronormative masculinity. 😢
@scott_kutler totally being snarky. Loving the service.
@glvninpdx 🙄😜🙂
Too many apps doing the same thing out there but this one doesn't only look and brand itself differently, it's also fun to use, refreshing and colourful. My favourite new dating app as a result of great customer service! I also like that you can link all your main social media profiles including LinkedIn. Lots of potential.