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Your best startup fundraising pitch

The best new way to craft your pitch to VCs. Track your fundraising progress and get the meeting, all in one place. Access 80+ exclusive fundraising insights from top VC investors at Benchmark, Sequoia Capital, NFX, and more. Always free. Always private.

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👋 PH fam! As a founder, I found crafting the pitch and figuring out how to communicate my business to investors to be the most critical part of the fundraising process. The better my pitch was, the more meetings I got, and better the outcomes. So we built a tool to help founders deliver their best startup fundraising pitch. We also partnered with our friends, Reid Hoffman, Mark Suster, and investors from Benchmark, Sequoia, First Round Capital, and more to give Founders 80+ exclusive fundraising insights.
Love how the VC video tips are integrated into the relevant part of the application and they’re short and sweet. How are these briefs sent out once they’re written?
thx @karen_x_cheng ! Sharing Briefs works similar to how you'd use a service like Copy the unique link, then sharing is channel agnostic and at your own discretion.
Cool product. Great tips on how to build a great fundraising pitch deck.
Love the video tips. I think similar ones from founders in addition to the ones from VCs will add even more perspective.
@anujadhiya Definitely! We want to add those in as well. Which founders would you like to hear from?
@heyamylin Any one(s) that really impressed the featured VCs (which also implies they landed up investing in their startups)

I like this product. It will save a lot of time for startup founders.

There are fundraising advice videos from top VCs that are must view.


A Free tool for founders that saves time


You have to work on your language first. Brief doesn't help with that, yet