The Brain: The Story of You

What is reality? Who are “you”? How do you make decisions?

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Kate@katesegrin · Head of Social @ GitHub
Brains are so amazingly fascinating. I briefly considered neuroscience as a profession, then realized that would mean going through medical schooling, and I have a pathological fear of needles and a low tolerance for dissection, et cetera (basically, things that medical professionals and researchers do)... This book seems like the perfect bridge for my passion, and a marked lack of gross interactions. @davideagleman what originally got you interested in neuroscience / the brain?
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
This is the story of how your life shapes your brain, and how your brain shapes your life. Seems like a really interesting read. One for the holiday list I think! @loic what did you think of it? @davideagleman would love to hear the story behind it :) What was the writing process like?