The Brain

Map, visualize & organize info the way the brain thinks

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Looks like it is a visitor from the early 90s :-)
I used the early versions of the product some 5-6 years ago, while still in college. It is one of those tools that seem difficult and useless, until you have become so used to them, that you can't imagine working without them anymore. I have tried many mindmapping tools, but this was the only one that allowed a multidimensional map of thoughts and ideas. What I loved most was the possibility to add "jumps" between seemingly unrelated thoughts, which is very close to how the real brain works. What can I say better than the fact that it was one of the things that helped me get through a double-major undergraduate degree with a very good GPA score. Have not used it much since, but I still believe it has evolved into a great product.
I've used it for many years. The brain is important as a mind map as well as GTD tool. Use it on iOS & Android. This is oldies but goodies app.
"Download your brain today!", as a conclusion for the video. Instant download from me ^^ If makers are around, you should probably consider packaging linux version using popular packaging systems, linux users always feel unsure about executing `.sh` files.
It would be nice if @shelleyhayduk could answer few questions. She could talk about the evolution of The Brain from web ear to smartphone era.