The Bouqs

A new approach to flowers

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Unlike some of the other start-ups focusing on the flower space, The Bouqs (yeah, don't love the name...) is vertically integrated, sourcing flowers directly and drop shipping them once an order is placed. The result? Fresher flowers, lower prices (and no hidden fees), and a more eco-friendly approach (sustainable farms, no wasted stems).
Fellow floral product, BloomThat offers on-demand flower delivery (shared on Product Hunt a week or two ago).
I used this to deliver flowers to my mom in NYC for Mother's Day. She loved the flowers and they were super fresh. She estimated they'd last at least 2 weeks. People have mentioned not liking the name, but they call their users "Bouq-aneers" and I love that.
My girlfriend loved her Bouqs for Valentine's Day. Arrived quickly and well-packaged. Highly recommend.
I thought to try something other than the 1-800-etc and ordered from them. I had planned for them to arrive the day before Valentine's Day (after moving the date from the 14th) but they never arrived and never responded to my emails about the status of the order. To bad, I wanted something different to use as they seemed very helpful in the beginning.