The Bleuberry Project

The largest interactive database for the on-demand economy

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Hey Product Hunt! was started for a simple reason — there are an insane amount of awesome on-demand services available to us, but it’s impossible for any one person to keep track of them all and figure out which ones are the best in any given area. Bleuberry is a comprehensive, collaborative, and curated, interactive database for the On-Demand + Sharing Economy. It currently covers 26 cities and 16 service categories — Food, Flowers, Alcohol, Convenience, Groceries, Cleaning, Laundry, Handyman, Beauty, Massage, Things to Do, Hotel, Shipping, Pet Care, and Transportation. The project was spawned out of a new kind of pre-accelerator, Nextt, and is now being opened up to the public for everyone to contribute to the database so we can collectively build one centralized resource of all the best services for the world to use.  What are some ways people are currently using Bleuberry? - To find out what services are available to you in your city (e.g. Dog Walkers) - To find out what services are available to you while you're traveling (e.g. Laundry) - To find out what services are available to send to your friends and family if they're in a different city (e.g. Flowers) TLDR: here's a video summarizing the above: 
@ajm5338 pretty neat idea! Just submitted our new ly launched at-home haircut service :)
Love this - such a great idea to aggregate all the information out there. Way to go, Adam!
Super helpful - thanks man! Laundry ✅
@damjanski Clean 👕👖=😁
Great seeing Bleuberry here on PH, Adam! Can you share a bit about how people in the community might be able to help?
@ajr771 thanks, Ajay! Wouldn't be here without :) Here's a quick list on how people can help: - Submit additional Services: - Request additional Cities: - Share on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and HackerNews - If you're a Service Provider: reach out to get a Special Comprehensive Listing - If you're a Developer/Builder: reach out to build with an awesome new dataset (think Bots: iMessage, Siri, Alexa, etc) ...or just by simply upvoting and/or providing feedback. Thanks! :)