The Bitmovin API

Integrate all aspects of your video workflow through an API

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Hi PHers! We are very excited to launch the new version of our video infrastructure API. The new Bitmovin API bundles our successful video encoding and video player services with a new video performance analytics product as well as integrations into various storage and content delivery network (CDN) providers. The result is an end-to-end video infrastructure API that greatly simplifies the development and delivery of web-based video, including live, VOD, 360, and virtual reality. Why we do this? The use of video has grown so quickly that most video infrastructures are built by patching together systems from a variety of different providers. This results in long and expensive development cycles, complex and unscalable systems, and online video offerings that fall short of the quality found on Netflix, YouTube or Twitch. What does the new Bitmovin API do better? The new Bitmovin API, which was a direct result of customer feedback, solves these existing challenges by combining every component in the adaptive streaming video encoding and playback workflow -- encoding, playback, analytics, storage and content delivery -- into one single management interface without locking users into a one-size-fits-all solution. Content providers, broadcasters, integrators and developers can combine any part of the new Bitmovin API, or utilize the whole Bitmovin offering, with their existing video infrastructure. We're super excited to make great video streaming easier. Would love to answer any questions + thanks for checking it out! Exclusive Offer: By the way, all product hunters who sign up today will get 20 GB free video encoding. -Stefan
On what cloud provider are you running? And on which geographical locations do you have your endpoints?
@donalbazaz Basically we are cloud agnostic and we can run on any cloud and any region. Through the API you could now select any AWS and Google region for encoding but we will expand this to Azure soon if there is customer interest.
Does your API only work for Bitmovin products or can I integrate it with my existing CDN and storage?
@ernstmolden Every service (encoding, player, analytics, storage, cdn) could be used by its own, e.g., you could just use the encoding with your own storage and CDN and you could also use multiple external CDNs with our encoding service. Basically you have any degree of freedom with our APIs.
Looks good, Stefan.
@jonahguo Thank you very much!
How one can integrate it into a website?
@thenextgu We do have a tutorial available, which explains how to achieve that, as well as code-snippets you can use: Player Javascript API: Player configuration options: