The Birthday Poet

Custom poetic birthday gifts as a service

Hey All. I'm the founder of Birthday Poet. Birthday Poet is the easiest, most affordable way to create a memorable birthday gift. We create custom rhyming poetry for our customers in just 7 days. I'm also happy to extend a deal to all Product-hunters. Use the code PHLOVE at checkout to save 15% on your poem. Here's how it works: Fill out a short survey on the birthday girl/boy. Tell us their favorite hobbies/movies/bands, and a few other things. Our poets (mostly me) will write a custom 15-20 line rhyming poem from scratch. Our poems are humorous, celebratory, and personal. We send them via email and snail-mail on fine cotton paper, all for the same price. Let me know if you have any questions!
@MCuban @MGSiegler Any chance you guys could tweet us? One tweet could be absolutely massive in terms of traction for us. Also, you both have provided so much value to me over the years. If you ever want a free poem, it's yours.