The Binding of Isaac: Rebith

One of the most addictive roguelike ever, updated.

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Élie Slama
Élie SlamaHunter@elieslama · Freelance Web Developer & Designer
The first iteration of binding of isaac was almost of a week-end project by one of the most talented indie game maker Edmund Mc Millen (Super Meat Boy). Engine was slow, but the game was deep and addictive. This remastered version is smoother, deeper, harder, and available for PC/Mac/Linux and PS4/Vita. Give it a shot you won't regret it !
Michael Hartinger
Michael Hartinger@asebist · CEO, Bloodirony
This remake makes an already perfect game very perfect. Controls (with an controller) are now spot on. The artstyle improved a lot and you got tons of new weapons. All the bossfights have been revisited. And belive it or not. It is very challenging but for me one of the most balanced games out there. Every run is different. I even watch one run of a Isaac master (like Northernlion eg) almost every day. Play it now. I personally cannot wait to get it on my new 3DS.
Élie Slama
Élie SlamaHunter@elieslama · Freelance Web Developer & Designer
@asebist Yes it's hard but balanced, because you never get fed up or bored. The rythm of this game is just perfect :)
Zoe Landon
Zoe Landon@hupfen · Web Developer & Rabbit
This is my third most-played game according to Steam, and #2 is the original. Very addictive rouge-lite; perfect pacing and variability of rewards, plus a pretty good difficulty curve, and the basic actions of gameplay are very well-engineered. Of course, that difficulty curve spikes with The Lost, which was a controversial and questionable piece of game design. Still, unlocking Godhead was probably the first time in a while I cheered at a video game, so it definitely forged a certain depth of engagement.