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Love the intro music. 👍 Show notes: HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by billionaire investor and ‘Shark Tank’ star Chris Sacca to discuss Google's profit ceiling (8:00), Twitter's lack of innovation (20:00), YouTube vs. Google Videos (28:00), the genesis of Uber (38:00), the e-sports revolution or lack thereof (46:00), Snapchat's success (1:01:00), Mark Cuban and 'Shark Tank' (1:11:00), and the future of live video at sporting events (1:16:00). h/t @benthompson for this find.
@rrhoover @benthompson checking this out now. Always enjoy seeing Chris on Shark Tank. Is that a Tupac beat on the intro?
Great episode. The story about Kobe getting into tech is super interesting. It's going to be fun to watch what he does in this space as an investor/entrepreneur. I look forward to the day we see a Kobe Bryant Product Hunt Live 😃
Definitely a Tupac beat in the intro. Props
I love the Bill Simmons podcast (and his constant F You to ESPN). This was a great episode that was a nice change of pace from the usual basketball talk. @rrhoover you and the team NEED to get Bill on a LIVE chat!
wow great episode! Thank you I would never has listened to this podcast otherwise