The Big Ban

Terror is coming and we need YOU to protect our borders!

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Nothing about this is funny, even if you made it to make a point attacking the ban, you made a game about something that affects real people.
@mattahorton Hi Matt. Thank you for commenting. This is a parody of extreme views and as such it not always understood as intended. I hope that despite the cynical tone of the game, players will find it hard, morally, to profile people, and will think a little about their doings in this short game.
@doriadar I understand your intent to parody. I just find making this issue lighthearted in anyway very hard to swallow.
Good job with the game ^_^
@hackingtag Thank you very much!
Boom πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The Big Ban might look like a lightweight satirical game at start. But as the game evolves, even the most cynical types will find it quite disturbing.