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I just bought it. Excited to start using! @marckohlbrugge I do wish you had a few more products included, such as a wire frame tool like moqup or balsamiq, QuickMVP (somewhat similar to strikingly*, but easier to get testing going), and a survey tool like Survey Monkey. Overall though, unbeatable deal. Thanks for putting it together!
@startupjoshua Thanks Joshua. These are great suggestions and I'll definitely consider adding these to a future Bundle.
Thanks for submitting this Neeraj! If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer them. Whether it's about the Bundle, the entrepreneurial process behind it or the included services. I'm super proud of our list of partners. Some of my all-time favorite startups are included and I think you'll love them.
@marckohlbrugge Love the design of the page. What's the reason for the "limited availability"?
@_ryangilbert Thanks Ryan! For many included services this is the first time they are part of a deal like this, so they don't know for sure yet whether it will pay off for them. By agreeing on a maximum number of Bundles we can sell (1,000) we limit their risk. It happens to be a nice marketing benefit as well of course as it creates a sense of urgency.