The Best Life Planner 2016

Make every single day of 2016 extraordinary

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I'm so excited to introduce The Best Life Planner 2016! So many of us are living with big ideas, visions, and hopes inside of us. But life is so short, friends. So whatever it is you most want to do—from starting a company to writing a book, or running a marathon to traveling around the world—2016 is the year to stop thinking about it and start making moves! You have absolutely everything it takes to make it happen. The Best Life Planner 2016 is your guide to building a bulletproof goal and habit change roadmap for the upcoming year. This is not your typical resolution or goal setting guide. This is a transformative, three-part workbook created to give you the clarity, tools, and tactical plan you need to make every single day of 2016 extraordinary. The Best Life Planner 2016 will help you: 1. Reflect on the past year with a 2015 Annual Review 2. Discover your unique purpose for the year ahead 4. Change 12 key habits in 2016 5. Optimize how you spend your time every day 6. Create seasonal roadmaps to turn your big goals into actionable plans 7. Learn how to build a morning routine that will change your entire day 2016 is going to be your most extraordinary year yet–and I can't wait to see what you do with it!
@melissajoykong Yeah! Looks like you've been incredibly productive. How did we not talk about this in Telluride?? I'd love to put it to use, along with my Spark Notebook from @katemats.
@melissajoykong Purchased. Oh and I have to tell you that the group dinner we had at Marc's, you said something that stuck with me and has been the core driver for some holiday gifting. I should show you. :)
This is AMAZING @melissajoykong!!! I downloaded mine and I want everyone to know that this planner is freaking beautiful and completely fantastic. I'm very much looking forward to killin' it in 2016 with Mel's + my new planner's help! 💪😺
@katesegrin Thank you, Kate! You rock. :-)
I LOVE THIS!!! Must have now! Very well put together.
@melissajoykong - this is really well done! I'm so proud of you. I can see your work in the words and the images. Many of the sections you put in the book are things I suggest people do when they are trying to figure out career or life things, so rather than tell them to just go write it down on a piece of paper, I'll definitely point them to your book. What a beautiful way to help someone reflect.
Cool to see your support for @PencilsOfPromis