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Quentin Lechemia — CEO
Hi Hunters!
Experiencing growth here at, we know to what extent certain tasks can be time-consuming and tiresome… you know how it is ;) This is why we have decided to gather all the best tools we use in a single page, helping entrepreneurs to scale fast and making their lives easier. From community management to marketing, including sales and design, all experts or novices of Growth Hacking will be able to find something suited for them.

Please don’t hesitate to recommend us some tools you use, this directory is obviously not exhaustive. Cheers and long live growth hacking!
Grega Grmovsek — Growth Hacker @
@quentinlechemia The list is awesome! I'm going to try many of these tools, thanks. Since you've included Zapier and IFTTT, I'd recommend to include PieSync too. We're not their competitor, but a complementary product. Zapier is great for trigger -> action events whereas PieSync makes sure contacts are in 2-way sync between business cloud apps (eg, CRMs, email marketing, marketing automation, accounting etc). It saves users quite some time while keeping 1 database of contacts across your business apps. Thanks!
Jesse Williams — VP of Marketing, Adjoy.
This is awesome - I had no idea about Slack List. Thanks for pulling this together!
Quentin Lechemia — CEO
@j_r_wi11iams Thank you Jesse! Glad to help you discover new cool tools ;)
Carène — COO
@j_r_wi11iams Thanks Jessie, you can also find Hamster Pad. The website was off a couple of days ago but is now back. Enjoy!
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