The Best Game in the World

This game will reveal how twisted your friends are.

The Best Game in the World is a card game fueled by your twisted inside jokes. It’s like if Cards Against Humanity, Celebrity, and the Salad Bowl game had a baby.

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Hi PH! Super excited to share the launch of THE Best Game in the World on kickstarter! I was introduced to the Salad Bowl game by my South African fiance when we were both living in Hong Kong, and we would play with all her South African friends. When we moved to New York City we introduced a modified version of the game to our American friends. Over time, the game evolved into something completely obscene and learned that my friends are truly sick...but hilarious! We realized we had to help share this happiness, and spread the opportunity to learn how unwholesome your friends & family actually are! The game is great for big groups of friends & family -- weekend hangouts, after-dinner entertainment, family game always has everyone rolling on the floor and itching to play more. Teams take turns trying to have their teammates guess what's written on the game cards. There are 3 distinct rounds, with different rules for each round (ie taboo, charades & one-word) The beauty of the game play is the wide range of the cards. Some cards have hilarious pre-printed clues, while others are "make your own." The pre-printed clues have been vetted over the past few years through countless hours of game play, resulting in many spleen-splitting injuries. The variance in card content allows for game play to always be different, ranging in topics, absurdity and personal relevance. This format also makes it great for all types of people: super creative folks with tons of inside jokes can make their own card, while non-creative or uninspired folks can use pre-selected cards (lookin at you Aunt Sheila). Please fire away any questions about the game! Would love to get your opinion and help spread the happiness & obscenity!
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Love it.


Hilarious game, easy to learn, great for groups of any size.



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