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A one-stop location on the internet for sharing your favorite beans, equipment, and brew methods.
@erictwillis Hey, thanks for hunting The Best Damn Coffee! That was a nice surprise to wake up to. :-)
Hey @caspertek great stuff ! What I would love to see as an improvment, is if coffee shop deliver at international or US only :)
@billey_b Thanks! And that's a great idea. Shouldn't be too hard to implement. :-)
I'm in love with the current trend of building 'Product Hunt for ____'. Helps surface the coolest stuff from around the world, even in niche categories. Great work @caspertek! :)
@momazhari I hesitated to build it at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. The idea originated when I couldn't find a solid source of new coffees to try, and the community driven style of Product Hunt made the most sense to fill that void. 😊
Hey everyone, I'm Taylor, creator of The Best Damn Coffee. I'll be around all day answering questions and … probably chugging coffee.