The Beluga Razor

Barber quality shave... minus the barber. Premium design.

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Zac Wertz
@zacwertz · Founder, Beluga Shave Co.
Sachin, thanks for the comment. I plan on having one of my friends from India use it on video hopefully at the end of the week. But it delivers a stellar shave for practically everyone since a single edge is so much more gentle because of lower friction.
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Nick Tippmann
@ntippmann · Director of Marketing, greenlight.guru
Really dig the patent pending pivoting neck. I've tested the prototype and sure enough it does allow anyone to give themselves a barber quality shave without taking years of muscle memory to maintain the perfect cutting angle.
David Berkowitz
@dberkowitz · Principal, Serial Marketer
I really like the idea here and backed it. I tried a double-edged razor before and liked the idea but still found it a little too hard to maneuver without getting some bad nicks. Plus the payoff wasn't noticeable with a much closer shave. I'm willing to give this one a shot.
Zac Wertz
@zacwertz · Founder, Beluga Shave Co.
Thanks @ntippman. We went through a lot of prototypes to get it just right. Great to hear people are liking it!
Zac Wertz
@zacwertz · Founder, Beluga Shave Co.
Happy to chat or answer any questions.
Sachin Agarwal
@sachinag · Founder at Braid and Product at Nylas
Cool to see more wetshaving setups. Have you tested it with Indian guys? We're the load testers for shaving implements: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/...