The Beautiful Game

All new match & team tracker for the Women's World Cup

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Anthony Nicalo
Entrepreneur, CXO & investor.
Thanks Derek. The level of excitement and engagement for the Women's World Cup has been much bigger than for the men in Brazil. We've added news for each team using Twitter's new curation tool. Our goal really is to build momentum so that we can expand to other women's soccer leagues after the tournament. While there is obviously a global audience for the sport and growth of women's leagues has been great, but is still tenuous and we want to support the women's game first.
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Derek Shanahan
VP Growth @ ExerAI.
I used this for the men's World Cup, and as the Women's starts tomorrow I'll use it for tracking the team's I'm following. You get match reminders 15 minutes before matches and team news has been added since the men's tournament. @tonynicalo should jump in to talk about how the Men's tourney went and what's on deck for the women's...
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