The Bearded Bastard

like crack, but for your beard.

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The website needs more beard pics
@nbashaw check out his :)
@nbashaw a lot of my customer pics are on my facebook page,!
Jeremiah (founder @tbb3inc) is an extreme hustler, creative, and friend and if you leave your SO alone with him, you'll probably never see them again. :p - he rocks the craziest mustache and lives by the motto "stay bearded, stay bastard" - his product came from his own pain of finding quality men's care product and is a refreshing break from the typical tech software product. If you follow him, he is an amazing example of how the founder of a product and brand can be so evangelical that his customers never even consider another brand. To start the discussions, I'd love to ask why decided on "the bearded bastard", where you see the brand going into next, and where's your dream product placement location? Stay Remarkable :p Taylor
Taylor, all you need now is a beard!
@guygal I honestly tried to grow one. 3 months in, I just looked like a creeper. Haha
@taylorhou Haha, pictures or it didn't happen!
@guygal I was there ha ha, I will keep silent on how bad it was :-}P @taylorhou tried though, I will give him that!
@tbbinc3 haha, ok that suffices
Tagline is pretty great.