The Bazaar Network

A benefits network for E-commerce professionals 🛍️

The Bazaar Network is a super simple Ecommerce app that provides users with industry wide benefits, such as discounts at all other stores and online professional services.

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EDIT: probably should have started with this... we have a free 30 trial for our launch running this month. It's cheap as chips anyway ($4/mo), but we know that the best value comes as the community grows, ala Metcalfe's Law ( ---------------- Hello Product Hunt, and fellow hunters! I confess, I’ve been a lurker here for a while, but only signed up recently. Slack, I know… Anywho, I’m Matt! My team and I have created a super simple web app called The Bazaar Network. It’s designed for Ecommerce merchants (only Shopify currently, but looking to expand shortly) to other popular platforms) to receive industry-wide benefits. We started out by simply wanting to give Store owners discounts at other stores, since I worked in hospitality and retail growing up and figured staff discount should translate to Ecommerce as well… but, globally. After putting our feelers out to the online Ecom communities that we were a part of from years of web development work, we realised discounts are just a fraction of what we can offer. Through installing our Shopify app, merchants instantly have a profile, and receive discounts at all other stores in the network. Since all other users are also Ecommerce professionals, all traffic coming from other merchants trust the practices of purchasing online, so there’s a less chance of cart abandonment, dead traffic, etc. Oh, and all users get lifetime discounts at as part of our growing benefits package. Right, well, I’ve probably dragged this out long enough. I’ll be around to answer any questions, so grill away! Cheers :)
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@matthew_bovey Hi, can you use it with Amazon?
@eboy Hey! Unfortunately not - Only Shopify for now. We will be expanding to other platforms as soon as we can, trust us! edit: we've build everything on our end to make it a bit easier when integrating new platforms too. So we aren't looking at a new build every time, thank god.
@matthew_bovey Aw, too bad.
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@eboy Haha well, the more users we generate, the faster we'll be able to add more platforms!
I see great potential here and the product looks to be built by a great team. Will be following to see where this goes. Good luck Matthew.
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I am not sure I got it. Who is the customer? The store that uses Shopify or the buyer? It is totally not clear. If I am a store I don't need Chrome ext, if I am a online buyer I don't even want to know about Shopify app market
@ipstas Hi Stan! Our users are Ecommerce professionals - for now specifically Shopify store owners. What The Bazaar Network does, is it allows these store owners to receive discounts at ALL other stores within the network, as well as several other benefits exclusive only to the network. So if you're a store owner, and I'm a store owner, you receive discounts at my store, and I receive them from yours. This allows a mutually beneficial network among the Ecommerce professionals, promoting shopping and traffic for everyone. I hope I cleared that up for you, let me know if you have any other questions!
@matthew_bovey OK, I am not a store owner, that's probably why it is not clear to me.
@ipstas Ah right, sorry for any confusion regardless. In a nutshell, it's like a staff discount for being a store owner :)
@matthew_bovey Then you probably would need to redo your "How it works" to decrease the confusion
@ipstas This is something we'll look in to, thanks heaps for your feedback!