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Hi hunters 🙌 It’s nice to be back after 9 months of the original Basetrip :) During the last 9 months we worked hard on The Basetrip and taken care of the lot of stuff you mentioned back then. We added the API for business customers, added a bunch of new information, expanded existing ones, added French and Croatian language support, added more comparisons and much more. Today, we are finally launching - The Basetrip Cities! 🚀 With The Basetrip, you can now search for over 650 cities & 230 countries and get even better & more precise information. We also added Flights & Accommodation cards so you can much more easily find out when is the ideal time to travel. We have much more ideas what to do next and you can read about them in our blog post - Stay tuned for more and feel free to ask us anything :)
@svenkapudija Great launch Sven! You might find WhereHop(.com) useful if you want to extend further to neighbourhoods. :)
Big plus for the Airbnb + Skyscanner data api integrations. Next feature could be adding multiple cities to itinerary and using the api to determine the best method of transportation between the two
@juhslk Thanks Juho :) We did try to manage/show multiple cities within current UI but wasn't that optimal, that's why we are preparing something else for that purpose, so stay tuned for that :)
Utility increase of ~250% with this release. Nice work. If Basetrip itself is seen as a destination for users, consider a mobile app. Lack of connectivity is still a thing...and VR is becoming a thing!
@kkdub Thanks Kelly 🙌 Mobile app is something we considered with the first version of The Basetrip as well, however we believe(d) we could provide more value within the website/online version before we apply it to mobile app. As for the cities, it is on our todo list, and we will get there :)
@svenkapudija Your approach makes sense to me. Faster and cheaper to build web apps for mvps and beyond. Someday it'll be a toss-up between web and mobile but SIGH not yet!
Hi Sven and team, congrats! We love what you do, and with we're seeing an opportunity to integrate your API, let's touch base soon.
@jochemwijnands Tnx Jochem! Sure thing, we would love to help :)
@mrdobelina Glad you like it :)