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Sven KapuđijaMaker@svenkapudija · Maker
Hi hunters! About 7 months ago we launched The Basetrip which was quite well received (1000+ upvotes) - One of the most requested business features was the API - and here it is! We've been working on it for the past couple of months (alongside other cool features) with interested parties and now it's open for everyone. We have tiered-pricing with a free-option and just-launched GitHub repo ( which will contain all the things from the Basic plan. GitHub repo will be updated once a month. If you need more than that in terms of data coverage - see our commercial plans. If you have any questions - let us know! :)
Liam BoogarHiring@liamboogar · Head of Brand Strategy @ MadKudu
You know what would go great with this API? DocSearch!
Sven KapuđijaMaker@svenkapudija · Maker
@liamboogar Indeed :) Thanks for the suggestion, signed up! 🙌
Stefan Kracht@stefan_kracht
Wow, that looks like an amazing API! Are you planning to localize the responses?
Sven KapuđijaMaker@svenkapudija · Maker
@stefan_kracht Yes, that is on our roadmap - Spanish, French, German, Italian & Portuguese being the first one/s.
Stefan Kracht@stefan_kracht
@svenkapudija Sounds really interesting to me. We will consider to implement it at, so much great service info for our travelers. Also the pricing is very fair. Happy release day!
Anton Lavrenov@lavrton · Web maker
I love your site. As digital nomad I am using it a lot.
Sven KapuđijaMaker@svenkapudija · Maker
@lavrton Thanks Anton! :)
Juho S@juhslk · All great roads go through PH
Basetrip was one of my favorite discoveries the past year (concept that addresses everyone with a trip, easy to use and beautifully simply executed). Now that you have API ready you should definitely contact team because they have one of the most extensive database of route options from A to B.