The B.Side

Swimwear using technology to develop and buy a better suit.

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B.Side on CNBC: The B. Side is the first swimwear brand to use technology to develop a better suit and a better way to buy it. The signature B. Suits can be worn up to 10 different ways, providing support for an active and versatile lifestyle, and bridging the gap between fashion and function. Tiffany Tibbot is the CEO and Founder of the B Side. She has been athlete all her life; she grew up on a lake just outside of Seattle, and ran track for the Univeristy of Notre Dame, where she graduated with a business degree. But her passion has always been fashion, and she always found it a challenge to complement the two until working as a merchandiser at Juicy Couture. There she curated the Juicy Sport collection and was motivated to invent the B. Suit concept by pairing all the innovation in athletic wear with her bikini pain-points. Thus creating the B. Side.