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Alex Mather
Alex Mather@alex_mather
I'm the founder of The Athletic and I'm happy to answer any questions!
SergHunter@surheeho · Founder @
@alex_mather congrats on being featured. Really enjoy Jon Greenbergs work
Nick Haase
Nick Haase@nickatloot · Co-founder, MaintainX
@alex_mather how quickly do you plan to expand to other markets?
James Ryan Moreau
James Ryan Moreau@jrmoreau · Work @ConsenSys on @MetaMask_io
@alex_mather what sports are you covering these days? I recall it being light on MMA and other combat sports when I first started. Curious if it's diversified topic-wise?
SergHunter@surheeho · Founder @
Here's a great write-up from TechCrunch
Zach Swetz
Zach Swetz@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
I read Sahadev Sharma pretty often, he writes good stuff!