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The Assets is a story of an entrepreneur, Nicolas Voisin. Being around the startup ecosystem for quite a while, he realized the unlocked potential of startups that are failing to monetize their resources though they are looking for liquidity, for instance when they're trying to pivot. He surrounded himself with a great team with a shared vision: to build a tool where companies and entrepreneurs worldwide could sell, buy or share any of their goods. Or, using today's trendy words, to take the sharing economy to the B2B level! We'd love you to discover our platform, and tell us how you feel about it - even if it's not such a good feeling. Every feedback is an important feedback. Thank you guys!
Thrilled to be on Product Hunt - we're really excited to see how entrepreneurs can make the most of our marketplace. It's all free, so you can browse around and enjoy it. As a more-than-customer-centric platform, it's so important for us to understand what you like, dislike and need! Best, Nicolas
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Really impressed by the variety of goods we can find on this marketplace, great job!
Great product ! But since you do not filter by location, what if I am a european company interested in a medical asset which is located in Asia ? What about transport, extra fees and so ?
@jefon Hi Jeff, you're right, this is a critical point - the geographical search filter will very soon be implemented. Our product is being shaped progressively, so all other thoughtful remark is welcomed! As for extra fees, since we do not catch any transaction on our platform, they are taken care of by the vendor/buyer depending on what they agree on. For the future, we aim to partner with companies in order to provide the easiest and cheapest options to our users.