The Artist Hunt

An intuitive way to discover music

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This is a great idea! I love it!
Hi product hunt! One of the two creators here. Appreciate feedback and thoughts from you brilliant people!
(I'm one of the creators) Initially, this was actually a game where you were tasked to browse from one artist to another as fast as possible, but the feedback we got was that the music discovery part was much more interesting than the game itself!
@gopatrik how you guys think about genres - do you intend to keep it broad or verticalize it by genre?
@eriktorenberg We actually discussed this yesterday but got to eager to release! We will definitely look into it after finishing this round of beer!
Where's the data coming from? The concept is good and appeals to discovery enthusiasts. The only problem I came across was that I knew all the artists. I wasn't seeing smaller names and finding new music.
@TylerH We are pulling the data from the Spotify api. The first three artists are most related to the current one, and the last two are wildcards that briefly relates to the playing artist. Though, we are working on a better suited algorithm discovery! :)
@gopatrik how are you playing the songs? I believe the spotify api requires auth, are you using another source? Very cool site!
@Anderson760 The songs are played using html5 audio. playback is available through their web api, though we need auth for adding songs to your Spotify Library. :)