The Art Of Startup Fundraising

Pitching investors, negotiating the deal, & everything else

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Hi Product Hunters! Creating this resource has definitely been a labor of love and a serious investment of time, but I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all. So many founders have approached me over the years asking for guidance on how to raise capital for their business and I finally have a resource that will help. I’ve learned so much from helping over 100 companies raise capital, in addition to my own entrepreneurial journey and it’s time to share the wealth of knowledge. Hope you enjoy reading it and happy to answer any questions.
Already read this book. It's super practical! It's well divided step-by-step, so it's the perfect walkthrough for fundraising.
@rui same -- great resource.
@paulbz @rui many thanks for the support! So glad you enjoyed reading it.
Cool! Congrats on the launch. Say you're almost convinced on a deal. You've talked with the founders multiple times and you're close to pulling the trigger. What's the one thing that pushes you over the edge and gets you to jump in?
@leftearpod thanks for the great question. In my opinion, the top factors that get investors and myself to jump in are the following: 1) A founder with a lot of confidence 2) Certain promises by the founder that were delivered since we met the first time (milestones, product launches, hires, etc) 3) Management with clear understanding of the numbers 4) Team alignment where everyone will answer the same thing 5) Clear vision and mission 6) CoFounders that know how to listen and are coachable
Awesome stuff! Quick question: At which stage do you think it's best for a startup to raise angel money in NYC?
@eddysabbagha it really depends on the business and the vertical in which the company is executing. My most immediate answer is to avoid raising capital for as long as you can. Raise the financing to speed up the machine and not to build it. However, I would probably recommend doing a round of funding when the following is in place: 1) Minimum viable product (MVP) up and running 2) Month over month progress with clear revenue streams and paying customers 3) Founding team is dedicated full time to the venture 4) There is an existing 18 to 24 month plan internally outlining the execution plan
Looks like a gem, excited to read it. Surprised it only has 46 upvotes!
I'm seeing the digital is only available for Kindle and Nook. I'm an Apple user all the way. Have you considered offering a PDF + ePub on I like their service, and it even gets me some sales via their network.