The App Guy - The Maker behind MediSafe

An app inspired by a near-death experience taking insulin.

Thanks for hunting this episode @carlhunterroach . What an inspirational chat with Omri about his entrepreneurial journey. He tackled a very personal problem with his Dad. This gave him the idea for Medisafe. A few years later, he's based in Boston, he's got a multi-million Dollar company and he's finding a solution which costs the Healthcare industry about $300 billion every year. It's episodes like this that help motivate me to keep going with my global podcast.
Omri 'Bob' Shor , Founder and CEO, MediSafe hints that developing for Android before iOS enabled him to iterate his early product faster - sometimes with several releases to the Play Store per week. This got him to market-fit earlier and enabled him to move from boot-strapping to fund-raising faster too.