The App Guy Podcast - 302 : Lucas Gordon of ProductRank

An inspiring project to create 12 apps in 12 months

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Lucas & I connected a few months ago as we were both doing similar challenges (ours 6 projects in 6 months, his 12 apps in 12 months) and are both based out of London. From then Lucas gave me a heads up that he was working on ProductRank and I immediately knew it was a winner. Lucas' work is high quality, especially so considering it's all built in his spare time as a one man band. Definitely check out this podcast, you'll learn a lot.
@fredrivett thank you Fred that really means a lot! Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the episode! ๐ŸŽ†
That's a very good idea @danielkempe I should start giving updates on past guests in current episodes. I'm on it!
@paul_s_kemp Yea, that would be great to see what they learned over time, what they changed (if anything) etc.. :-)
@paul_s_kemp I'd definitely be interested in doing a 12 Apps In 12 Months post mortem if you're keen!
@lucasjgordon yes. That'll be great. I'll DM you๐Ÿ˜„
I'm just waiting for someone to start 24 projects in 24 months. Who's going to take on the challenge?
@paul_s_kemp 7 Projects, 7 Days would be immense.. cc @rosscurrie
@danielkempe 30 projects, one month... we could make maybe something like a big brother around it, camera's and voting people away who are not getting the deadline ;-) /c @paul_s_kemp
Great interview, thanks for sharing!
Looking forward to following along with the podcast, are you going to be following the 12 apps over the 12 months?