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Hello Hunters. My name is Paul Kemp, creator of The App Guy Podcast which has hundreds of founder interviews. I've been publishing episodes for a few years. If you have an interesting startup / app / entrepreneur story, let me know here. I can invite you as a guest on my show for a future episode. I'll be around all day :)
@paul_s_kemp is doing a great job with this podcast! His interviews include expert Product Hunters, startup founders launching successful businesses and established entrepreneurs who've already made millions. Listen to my interview about Startup Stash here :)
@bramk You rock! I've recorded you a personal audio message to say a massive thank you:
@paul_s_kemp thanks Paul, very cool!
Can we access this from the iTunes Store?
As someone who has been fortunate enough to be interviewed by Paul I can't recommend his podcast highly enough. I know from our conversation & from listening to other interviews his relaxed style is really easy listening & there's a tonne of great insights in the episodes so far. Basically, go and check it out.
@fredrivett You are an awesome member of PH and #Startup. To say a quick thank you, I've recorded you a personal audio message:
@paul_s_kemp Aw this was a nice surprise. Thanks Paul, and congrats on such a good rank here on PH :)
This is an up and coming podcast, as well as a network of entrepreneurs who are getting things done! Tons of episodes and really smart people explaining their app secrets. I love the insight and the ability to connect with @paul_s_kemp and like minded individuals after the show (I was on episode 217:( for raising close to $100k on Kickstarter).
@paulsolt I've also recorded you an audio message to say thank you: