Your phone never sounded better w/ this attachable "amp"

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When I wake up each morning, I roll over to grab my phone, open up Overcast, and start playing a podcast (usually This Week in Startups or This Week in Tech) as I get ready. I have an iPhone 5 (I know, I haven't upgraded yet) but the audio quality is poor and hard to hear over the shower. Although I probably trade better audio for a bulkier phone, Amp does look slick and may serve as a good portable audio player for small parties (in place of a jambox).
seems a bit of a confusing value proposition. Is it an amp, or is it a speaker? i.e. I'd expect an amp to power my headphones better.
@_jacksmith Great question. Amp has speakers and a headphone amplifier with 24 bit audio that supports the full range of high impedance headphones. We tailor the audio based upon your hearing, tastes, and the noise around you so it sounds great no matter where you are.
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@thealexselig @_jacksmith As a n00b consumer, I don't have any difference in my mental model for amp vs speaker. The only amp I own is my guitar amp, which is both (just like this).
Love the simple, sleek design!
This looks great! How's the volume compared to other speakers systems I might've heard before? I'm hesitant due to how much Bluetooth speakers like Jambox fail in party (or even small group) levels of noise.
@staringispolite We designed Amp to be great for everyday listening and loud enough to be enjoyable across a room. It's not going to replace a home stereo system but it's high quality sound that fits in your pocket and is always with you.
@thealexselig Thanks for the quick response, Alex! I have trouble with even Jamboxes being loud enough in small group gatherings, and headphones are good enough for me, so I suspect I'm just not in your target demographic. I love the idea of a product that does all three of (case, battery extension, and speaker). Seems like the top three improvements people make to their phones (and pay for).
Hey! I'm Alex, one of the Founders of SoundFocus. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I'd love to hear your thoughts about Amp.