The Amazing Annoyatron

The fun way for kids to learn about coding and electronics

The Amazing Annoyatron is the fun, new way for kids to learn about coding and electronics. Designed for kids aged 9-15, the kit includes over 20 cool creations that they can build (and re-build) whilst building their STEM skills.

Oh, and did we mention that this was developed by Michael Nixon, a 14-year-old entrepreneur from Australia?

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Hunter BoyleCo-Founder, Copilot Crew

I really believe in this product and the mission that teen maker @michael_nixon has embarked on here with the Amazing Annoyatron.

Coding and STEM skills are critical for today's kids, but the tools for learning those skills often aren't very fun or engaging. Not so here. Once we got through the initial setup, my 10-year-old loved using the kit to create and alter sounds, lights, delays, etc. She was excited enough to take it into class, so I consider that a big win.

If you've got an adolescent or young teen, this kit is an excellent way to gauge (or pique) their interest in coding and begin their geek journey. My kids and I are looking forward to more cool pranks and products from this young entrepreneur.


* Great way to introduce kids to coding, electronics

* Fun STEM tool designed by teen entrepreneur

* Kids really light up when using it


* Initial setup can be a little tricky for younger kids


I was asked to test out the various projects and to give feedback on how easy the instructions were to follow when the product was being developed. I think I was chosen because my coding experience has been pretty much limited to running a couple of games on a Commodore 64 when I was a kid. As I worked through the projects I thought yep these are cool. If I'm thinking this as an adult, then kids will have a blast with it. (Discloure - I'm a relative of the Maker).


Projects are super clever. Very easy to see how kids will really engage with this product.


Initial download of the software was tricky. But I think that was more me being new to using Windows 10.