The All Natural T-Shirt

Organic cotton. Natural dyes. Nothing else.

Made entirely from organic cotton and natural dyes and manufactured completely in the U.S.A., The All Natural T-Shirt™ — the best feeling tee you've ever worn.

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I want one! I love this new trend, people quite don't understand how polluted our clothing can be.
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@skorpan Thanks, Johannes! We agree!
@ted_muething is it possible for you to brand these tees for startups with natural dyes?
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@amrith We’re working on perfecting our natural screen printing process, but hope to be able to offer this service to other startups and designers soon. Likely by the end of 2018!
Does it shrink or lose its texture in the wash?
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@dave_poly The T’s are preshrunk and prewashed, but there is still the possibility the shirts will change sizing a small amount over time - especially if you use high heat in your wash/dry cycle. We recommend cold wash and air dry to maintain fit. As for the color, it will evolve over time with each wear. That’s one of the beautiful characteristics of natural dyes. The lighter colors like yellow and green evolve the most while the dark colors like indigo, red, and black change more subtly.
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Will you implement international shipping?
@asmekhov We definitely plan to! In the meantime we can arrange shipping anywhere by email. Just send us a note at!
I heard washing powder can be really bad for you too. Anyone know any decent organic washing machine soap ? Cool product btw