The Alchemist

Life changing read about finding your own personal legend

Entrepreneurs shouldn't limit themselves to business nonfiction and The Alchemist is perfect for anyone forging their own path.
One of the most read and best selling books of all time. It's also a hugely influential book about living your dreams, leaving your comfort zone and finding your own personal legend. I can't recommend this book enough, especially for startup founders.
Even though this is a fiction book, I see it very relevant for entrepreneurs. We are all trying to follow or dreams. To follow the omens. Get sidetracked. Be put in dangerous situations. Have to fight for want we stand. And in the end, hopefully we reach our goals, as new and better people. A great book that I recommend any entrepreneur! In fact, even though it's a fiction book, we've made an exception and pulled the best nuggets from it, here: Maktub!