The world’s first VC fund powered entirely by AI

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Seems to be more of a fun project than anything else but made me smile while going through the 'application process' - I was offered $6M in funding. Could easily be a way for someone to be collecting lots of other peoples ideas haha. I was invented recently but have unparalleled hindsight. My creators have retroactively applied my AI to every previous seed deal and determined I have advanced Unicorn Identification Capabilities. The text they use during 'the application' really is quite entertaining too! I like that their pivot suggestion and the use of a spinwheel to give you a new idea at the end haha
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@bentossell Pretty cool, but it doesn't seem to leak any data. The only network requests are for SVGs and the twitter button.
@danilogasques @bentossell Looks like all the answers are being sent to Google Analytics
@merlinmason @bentossell Oh... I use adblock :$ so I didn't see that
@bentossell so funny and proposes an interesting concept. Just as financial advisors are being replaced by robo-advisers, maybe this can be the VC future replacement?
who is behind this? private registration makes it feel a little like an "idea collector"
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@passingnotes I do have confirmation from an unknown AI that it is not collecting ideas or storing the data :)
@passingnotes i agree its like an idea collector.
@v3ss0n @passingnotes like I said, I've had confirmation that its actually not :)
lol I raised $18M for solving the problem of "nothing". Sounds about right.
@parkerwoodward a Startup about Nothing. Seinfeld would be proud.
LOL $9M. If it was this easy in real life.....
had a good laugh :-)