The Agile You: Daily Planner

Crush your #1 goal this quarter, in 13 weekly sprints.

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 25, 2019

The Agile you helps align your daily activities with your biggest goals, so you are focused on the few high impact actions that matter.

Break your biggest goals down into smaller, achievable chunks, measure your progress weekly & take action daily, so you can adjust course quickly when things go wrong.

I wish this were an app.
@school_4_ants I hear you. I hear you loud and clear.
Hey Makers 👋 After many long nights of ramen, sweat and tears, I’m pleased to announce “The Agile You: Daily planner”. A simple daily planner for productivity and time management. The Agile You helps you break down your current #1 goal, into smaller achievable chunks, and uses the key principles of Agile, to help you achieve, or at least make significant progress on those goals, in 13 weekly, sprints I tried to make it easy to integrate into your current workflow, so you can start taking advantage of the agile tools in the planner, without having to “learn” a new way of working. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for checking it out :)
Would love to see this as an app.
@joelgratcyk Check out Week Plan: (OKRs, weekly planning, etc...)
@aymericg Checking this out now. Thanks!
Hey @felixoginni that's interesting. Where do you print the notebook and how do you ship the product across the world?
@vladkorobov Update: I've gotten a lot of questions about this. Seems a lot of people need help with their publishing stack. I'll write an article and share sometime soon.
Looks great! Picked up a copy and got a crazy-fast response from Felix on a question I had. Hope you guys have a great day on PH!
@chrisgscott thanks Chris :) Hope it helps you Crush It! this quarter.