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Looks interesting but I'll pass since I only see only one color and one gender in this tech focused comic (based on the images shared). But I'll keep an eye out for the next issue.
@brianllamar Dear Brian, thanks so much for that direct feedback. I have to apologize it you got offended by that and take the responsibility for that. I come from Israel, where we have less than 2% of black people, and don't really have Hispanics and Asians. Regarding gender, actually, this is by chance. We had around 7 case studies we created and we chose these three since we thought they are the best ones. It came out this way, and the message you got is complete opposite to what we all believe in. Following the fact that this is all new for us, I'm happy to accept that feedback. Be sure that this will be taken into consideration in the coming issues. Issue #2 is almost ready and women are rock stars there, as they are in reality and we sure will take that further in issue #3. Thanks so much for the sincere feedback.
What's more fun than making comics? Well... Making comics about User Experience... Get our first issue for Free here: http://www.uxherocomics.com It all started after I published my book - the first and only book written in Hebrew about UX Design. My readers wanted to see my book translated to English and join the other leading books on the UX shelf. As I stated the translation process, I decided that there's no point. Who am I to stand next to Donald Norman, Steve Krug and Jesse James Garrett? I was looking for a different way to deliver the story of UX design. A different way to stand out. This is where comics got into the story. We started making a Japanese Manga comics, but it didn't work out. So I decided to get back to my childhood and make it a classic American-style comics. UX Hero was born. If you follow the adventures of UX Hero, you'll get the chance to meet Jonathan Sketch. He isn't different than any of us. He has no super-human skills. He's a standard designer. But interesting things start to happen and he finds chances to help businesses and make products better - the MacGyver version of a designer. The story is aimed to deliver the main ideas of UX design. The plan is to embed real case studies from my professional life and host some leading professionals to tell their stories. We'll try to give you some food for though, some inspiration and another tool to explain things about UX design to your colleagues. This is all so new for all of us, I'm more than happy to hear your thoughts. Thanks! Tal
@talflorentinux very cool. it takes a lot more talent than UX to create story/illustrate/pubish. congrats!
@talflorentinux The first issue doesn't really teach anything. Will future issues focus on delivering short stories like the first one or teach UX?
@talflorentinux, Love it! This is such a creative way to teach and learn UX. I think that it takes online learning to a whole new level of creativity. It's not only E-Books anymore, it's a new category of E-Comics-Books. Amazing to see how you took your passion for comics and drawing and passion for UX and created this cool thing. Kudos!
@illaigescheit Thanks so much for this kind feedback. This is exactly what we have on our mind.
@talflorentinux, Nice work.. Cant wait for the other issues.
@divjpatel Thanks. Honestly, the upcoming issue #2 is going to be much better...
Looking really good @talflorentinux! Such an interesting concept - thanks for sharing early versions with us!
@clarkvalberg Doing our best to be surrounded and inspired by the real heroes of the digital industry.