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Alexander Kehaya
Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
I find the process of writing down my goals and tasks to achieve those goals each day really helpful.
demilade ademusonProduct Guy and Vendor NG
This is a pretty interesting idea, any chance of @felixoginni to shed a bit more light on this ( will it ever go digital? Do you ship world wide etc? )
Product Designer & Maker
@demi_ademuson Hi Demilade. So the plan is to get as much feedback as I can with the physical book and then use that to make an iPhone app. It's easy to get lost in your daily routine and forget to check whether or not you are applying your efforts efficiently towards your main goals. Mostly, you are not. With gratitude journaling (which has been proven to make you happier and more motivated), daily affirmations (to keep your goal in mind everyday), weekly reviews (so you can stay on track) and a simple planner (so you can spend your time effectively), I think I've put together a very effective tool to help you execute effectively towards your goals. Edit: Yes we ship worldwide
Moak DesignsInternet Marketing Manager
This isn't a chrome extension correct? From what I see, it's just a book and PDF
Stowe Boyd
futurist, researcher, imperfectionist